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MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) – Alabama Auditor Jim Zeigler is opposing a November ballot measure that clarifies the threshold to oust an impeached public official.

Amendment 6 specifies that a two-thirds vote of the Alabama Senate is required to remove an impeached public official.

Zeigler in a Tuesday press conference said the change would make it almost impossible to remove Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley. Zeigler called it the “Get Out of Impeachment Free Card.”

The change was proposed before some lawmakers launched a long-shot effort to impeach Bentley. It is part of a section-by-section rewrite and clarification of the 1901 Alabama Constitution.

The state constitution currently does not set a vote threshold, although earlier versions specified the two-thirds vote.

Twenty-three lawmakers signed impeachment articles after Bentley was accused of having an affair with a staffer.

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