By WVUA 23 Web Writer Codie Harris

Two teams at the pinnacle of success battled it out Monday night at the University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Arizona.

Of all the wildness of this NCAA tournament, it ended up being a one seed versus a one seed for the title – Gonzaga versus North Carolina.

The Zags have never made it this far, while North Carolina sought its sixth national championship, but the Tar Heels are the favorite.

“We got by a very, very good Oregon team,” said Roy Williams, North Carolina’s head coach. “And we’re ecstatic to be here and getting ready to play what I think has been the best team in college basketball all year long and a great friend of mine in Mark Few.”

Few, Gonzaga’s head coach, held similar views.

“They’re as good as it gets in college basketball in offensive rebounding,” he said. “And they have a plan and do it well and their guys understand it and so those two things, but then I don’t want to undervalue or underrate you know their defense. There’s a reason they’re in the national championship game.”

Come Monday night, the Tar Heels and Gonzaga clashed until the last few seconds where North Carolina won its sixth title, beating Gonzaga 71-65.

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