The baseball fields at Bowers Park are ready for the Dixie Youth Rookie Baseball Tournament in Tuscaloosa.

The City Of Tuscaloosa beat out other cities across the state.

“When you trying to couple youth sports especially Youth Baseball its something that’s growing across the state and Dixie Youth was a partner that we partnered with in the last 12 months and we
like the relationship that we have and PARA was fortunate enough to put in for the bid for the State Tournament and we got it” says Jay Logan from Tuscaloosa Parks And Recreation.

50 teams, 650 players will make their way to Tuscaloosa for the 6 day event, starting Thursday.

“Its a Tournament where we could bring people to Tuscaloosa in a time where people are usually leaving town, this is an opportunity for youth sports to take center stage” says Logan.

The Tournament is estimated to bring 2,000 people to the city on the first day.

Tuscaloosa Parks And Recreation predicts it will generate nearly $1M for the City Of Tuscaloosa.

Embassy Suites in Downtown Tuscaloosa is cashing in during the holiday week, they’re already booked up.

“It’s usually 3 to 4 days they are going to be staying with us and we have 7 teams staying with us. So, depending on how they do in the Tournament will depend on how long they get to stay with us” says Heather Dill, Director Of Sales And Marketing for Embassy Suites.

The Tournament is from Thursday until Tuesday.

Miss Tuscaloosa will sing the National Anthem at the Opening Ceremony.

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