Your Personal Best: Walking Sticks


Walking is an important component to staying healthy as we age, and there’s a way you can stay active and move even if you’re having trouble taking an all-important walk.

Dr. Milady Murphy said walking sticks, also called hiking sticks or trekking poles, can help improve balance and stability along with efficiency in movement when you’re hiking or walking.

They’re easy to purchase and available online or at your favorite sporting goods store.

There are several characteristics you should look for when purchasing these pieces of equipment,” Murphy said. “First, the handgrip should be comfortable. Secondly, it should be adjustable so it accommodates your height and your gait.”

Lastly, Murphy said the tips should be rubberized, not steel.

“This way it protects you, other hikers and nature,” she said. “Walking sticks or trekking poles improve endurance, athletic performance when hiking or walking, especially on uneven terrain, and prevent injury.”

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