Your Personal Best: Shoulder stretch

Many of us sit way too long in front of some type of screen, whether it’s a computer, a smartphone or a TV. That can cause tension or stress on your neck and upper back, said Dr. Milady Murphy, and that tightness could cause pain in your shoulder, throw off your alignment and posture or contribute to an afternoon tension headache.

Murphy has two simple stretches that can help: an upper back stretch and a shoulder stretch. Here’s how you do them:

  • Sit at the edge of your chair and engage your abdominal muscles
  • Relax your shoulders back and down
  • Bring the palms of your hands in front of your chest and clasp your fingers
  • Bring arms forward, straight in front of your chest and stretch your arms while maintaining your posture and alignment
  • Hold for 5 seconds
  • Then, bring one arm across your chest and gently work your elbow toward the opposite shoulder
  • Hold for 5 seconds, and repeat on the other side
  • Repeat combination for five sets, holding each movement for 5 seconds

This stretching duo can help alleviate the tension and tightness in your neck and upper back if you’ve been sitting too long.

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