Your Personal Best: Shoulder shrugs

Here’s an exercise you can easily incorporate into your lifestyle or already existing exercise program, designed to strengthen your shoulders and upper back, improve posture and stabilize your neck.

It’s called the shoulder shrug, and here’s how you do it, according to Dr. Milady Murphy:

  • From a standing position, stand with your feet hip width apart or a little further for extra support
  • Bend your knees slightly, keeping your upper body over your hips and waist, palms outside your legs
  • Bring your shoulders all the way up to your ears as you breathe in, and gently exhale as you relax them down

You can do this exercise with or without weights, and consider doing eight to 10 repetitions and two to three sets two to three days a week.

Shoulder shrugs are designed to strengthen your trapezius, those upper back muscles that help shoulder strength and stabilize your neck muscles, improving posture and efficiency in motion.

If you experience any pain while doing this exercise, stop and consult with a doctor.

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