Your Personal Best, Sept. 3, 2020: Simple Exercise Can Help Back Pain

Your Personal Best

TUSCALOOSA, AL-  Sitting for long periods of time not only creates tightness and tension in the lower back but weakens the abdominal muscles.

According to Dr. Milady Murphy a simple exercise known as “The Pelvic Tilt,” can counteract some of those problems.

Simply done, lie flat to the floor, knees up, feet shoulder-width apart, while working the back area, be flat to the floor, shifting the pelvic area upwards, stomach held in tight.

Hold for five seconds, then relax, working the back area to the floor, stomach in tight, shifting the pelvic area upward, holding for five seconds.

Doing this exercise five to ten times regularly can help allieviate tghtness and tension in the lower back.

As claimed by Dr. Murphy, this simple exercise can put the back in alignment and strengthen the abdominal area.

She says that if pain is felt anytime while doing the pelvic tilt, stop the exercise immediately and consult a physician.

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