Your Personal Best: Picking the right shoes

Sometimes the clothes you wear can make a difference in your exercise routine. So when you’re in the market for new shoes, here are some things you should consider, Dr. Milady Murphy said.

“Having the right type of shoe when exercising or engaging in different types of physical activity will enhance your performance and reduce your risk of injury,” Murphy said.

First off, make sure the toe box accommodates the width and length of your foot.

Second, do the same with your arch. Some people require special shoe inserts for a more comfortable experience.

Third, make sure the heel is snug enough so it doesn’t ride up or slide along the back of your heel, which can create blisters.

Murphy said she recommends visiting a shoe store that offers a footprint analysis because it can help you make the right choice for your feet.

“There are so many brands out there, so you want to make sure they accommodate your foot needs,” Murphy said.

Have foot pain? It’s time to talk to a podiatrist, Murphy said. They can help you find the right footwear and ease your pain.

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