Your Personal Best: Neck exercises

Your Personal Best

Many of us sit in front of some sort of screen — a computer, a TV, a phone — for too many hours in a day. That often results in neck issues including stiffness, loss of flexibility, loss in your range of motion and even neck pain, said Dr. Milady Murphy.

But there are exercises that can help.

Basic neck stretch:

  • Done sitting or standing
  • Widen your base of support
  • Bring shoulders back and down
  • Place hands above knees
  • Gently bring chin to chest
  • Hold for 10 seconds
  • Bring chin back up slowly

Chin to shoulder exercise:

  • Look to the side and hold for 10 seconds
  • Bring chin down to shoulder while looking in that direction
  • Hold another 10 seconds
  • Bring chin up and to center
  • Repeat on other side

If you feel any pain during either of these exercises, stop. If pain continues, consult with your doctor.

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