Your Personal Best: Heel lifts

It should come as no surprise that prolonged sitting isn’t good for you. In fact, it can increase the risk of heart disease, according to the American Heart Association, and elevate cholesterol, blood sugar and blood pressure.

Dr. Milady Murphy has a simple exercise that can counteract that negative balance.

Heel lift:

  • Use your chair for balance and stand about a foot away, with hips facing ahead
  • Ensure your hips are aligned with the rest of your body and your abs are engaged
  • Elevate your heels, then bring them down, shifting your weight when you come onto your toes and then back as you set your heels down

“This very simple exercise, when you’re using the chair as an assist increases circulation, lower leg strength and balance,” Murphy said. “It’s a great way to counteract prolonged sitting.”

If the exercise causes any pain, stop immediately, Murphy said, and if pain persists talk to your doctor.

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