Your Personal Best: Chair Dip Exercise

Personal Best

By WVUA Digital Reporter Anneliese Taggart

The chair dip is an easy way you can strengthen and tone your upper body and core muscle groups, said Dr. Milady Murphy. This isometric exercise works important muscle groups without putting strain on your shoulder joints.

Begin by sitting in a sturdy and secure chair with both hands on the armrest, palms down and fingers at the edge of the chair. Next, lift yourself up to a 45-degree-angle and hold that position for 5 seconds. Shift your weight into your heels and let your upper body be held by your arms, before gently letting yourself back down into the chair.

Repeat this exercise five times for 5 seconds each. This chair dip exercise strengthens your upper body while toning and conditioning your chest, arms, and core without strain.

If at any time you experience any pain performing this exercise, stop and consult with your physician.

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