Wright brothers face off for Tuscaloosa Academy vs Bessemer Academy


By WVUA 23 Sports Reporter Grace Brister

Head coach for Tuscaloosa Academy, Josh Wright, will face his brother and Bessemer Academy head coach, Jon Wright, tonight in a local high school football rivalry. 

Josh Wright was head coach at Bessemer Academy for 15 years before he took the head coaching position at Tuscaloosa Academy. Jon took over the position at Bessemer when he left.

Jon was on Josh’s coaching staff at Bessemer as an assistant coach.  They have coached together for 11 years. 

Before they began their coaching career, they were managers for the Pickens Academy football team, where their father, Lynn Wright, was head coach.

“They were blessed to get to coach together for so many years,” said Lynn Wright. “My youngest brother was my defensive coordinator at Pickens Academy during most all of those years, so I know what that means.”

Josh explained how the personal connection to the game felt to him.

“You want to see him do good, you want to see Bessemer do good,” said Josh.

Both of the Wright brothers agree that there is more invested in this game than just the outcome. Jon says he wants the players to enjoy the game and appreciate the fact they get to play.

“I’m just looking forward to our kids being able to compete, you know, not worrying about me or Josh or anything of that nature,” said Jon. “Some of them are looking at it as a brotherly rival. I’m sure that TA’s kids are going to be giving a little bit of extra, and probably ours as well.”

Josh says that both teams respect each other and he is looking forward to a fun and clean game.

“After the game, I’m sure there will be a lot of hugs (and) handshakes, but that’s what makes this game great,” said Josh. 

Story Aired on September 10, 2021 in WVUA 23 Sports


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