Story by WVUA 23’s Lacey Beasley.

A world-renowned sculptor visited Tuscaloosa on Wednesday.

After years of studying arts abroad, Craigger Browne returned to his home state.

He has sculptures on five continents, and he has completed over 1,000 pieces, even life-sized.

Today he shared his experiences and promoted the upcoming Marble Festival in Sylacauga.

“Come see what Sylacauga state stone is all about, the beautiful Sylacauga marble,” Browne said. “There’s only two places in the world that have this quality of stone, and one is Sylacauga, Alabama and the other is Carrara, Italy, and I’ve worked in both and I can tell you that they’re of the same quality.”

The festival is March 31 through April 10

Sculptors range from beginners to professionals.

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