Smoke Alarm

Reporting by WVUA 23’s Jordan Johnson

Tragedy can strike in three minutes. That’s the average time it takes to evacuate a burning house these days.

But the best way to ensure you and your family escape a fire safe and sound? Install smoke alarms.

To help families get smoke alarms installed quickly and easily, the fire department has started a program focused on installing and inspecting smoke alarms for any single-family home in Tuscaloosa.

“We have a program here in the fire department that began in 2006 called ‘Get Alarmed Tuscaloosa,’ ” said Fire and Life Educator Holly Whigham. “he goal of the program is to educate the citizens of Tuscaloosa on the importance of smoke alarms.”

Having smoke alarms installed isn’t the end of keeping your house ready for fire. Those alarms must remain in peak condition.

“If you have a working smoke alarm in your home,” said Whigham, “Your chances of dying in a house fire are reduced by 50%.”

To take advantage of “Get Alarmed Tuscaloosa”, call 311 within Tuscaloosa city limits. If you’re not within Tuscaloosa city limits, call your local fire department. Most fire departments are happy to help residents test or install smoke alarms.

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