School Bus 3

By WVUA 23 Web Writer Alex Brittenham

Educational leaders gathered today to learn more about the industry partnerships that are available for their students.

About 90 superintendents and principals from the Tuscaloosa area gathered Wednesday to learn about what happens when industry and education meet. They toured Z-F Industries, Mercedes, and Brookwood Technical School to see exactly what the future holds for their students.

The programs that were discussed are not designed to rule out college, but to show the students that there are alternative career paths.

“Our work is making sure there is high quality education that we connect classrooms with college with careers and it’s not just either or,” said School Improvement Leader Cena Davis. “Principals hope that they can give all of their students the most experience possible.”

“We want to offer different opportunities and if we unify our scheduling and just work on some logistics then we can have our kids going to other schools,” said Brookwood High School Principal Mark Franks. “When other schools come to our school, we provide multiple opportunities for them.”

The new Brookwood facility is planned to be completed in either January or February of 2018.

“Really seeing the principals getting excited and seeing what’s possible and then saying how can we really help our students prepare for the jobs that we have in this region,” said Chief Operating Officer of the Chamber of Commerce of West Alabama Donny Jones.

Brookwood Technical School is in the process of transforming into a fully operating automotive logistics center to help students gain experience. This new program and center will help prepare students for the automotive jobs in this region.

“Students can graduate high school and have the certifications and start the job the day they walk across the stage. It’s really to prepare the students for the jobs we have in the automotive industry,” Jones said.

After this program, students will hopefully have the confidence and experience they need to succeed after school.


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