Woodstock Music Fest

By WVUA 23 Reporter Amanda Hull

Mostly everyone has heard of the Woodstock Festival in New York state almost 50 years ago. But Woodstock, Alabama, is the place for music fans this weekend.

The Holiday Raceway is normally reserved for cars, but on Saturday Woodstock’s population will triple in size for the third annual Woodstock Music Festival.

“The first year was a mass success and so it has built to where we are now,” said Woodstock Mayor Jeff Dodson. “This year we have 11 acts with the Kentucky Headhunters headlining, it is just going to be a great show.”

The Woodstock Music Festival has deeper roots than just music lovers. Part of the festival relates back to a podcast called S-Town that promotes suicide awareness.

“This event, we use it to raise awareness. The world met us through the ‘S-Town‘ podcast because of suicide and we feel that if we are going to tell that story we should also tell the prevention. It’s a very good day to come out and be entertained and informed and connect with our community” said suicide prevention advocate Cheryl Dodson.

The festival caught Spencer Wilson’s attention thanks to the podcast. Wilson, who’s from England, will be performing songs he wrote around the topic of suicide prevention.

“So around that time as well I started to play and write some songs that 100% relate purely to Woodstock, and one in particular to the work that Cheryl’s been doing with suicide prevention,” said Wilson.

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