By WVUA 23 Web Coordinator Lena Paradiso

Woodland Forrest Elementary school is teaching its students the importance of taking leadership through sustainability and nurturing animals.

The school has a wide range of animals to examine in the classroom, they also have developed a pond, gardens, and amphitheater, and nature trails to aid students in their learning experience.

“We have indoor learning and outdoor learning and that we combine that together. We’ve been working on this program for about eight years. Discovering Alabama came and kind of partnered with us and were able to teach us some things about teaching kids outdoors especially about out environment.,” said Woodland Forrest teacher Diana Marchant.

The school will be recognized state-wide for its green ribbon award on May 18 in Montgomery.

“Becoming a Green Ribbon school took the entire student body as well as our faculty and staff. We all work collaboratively together,” said Woodland Forrest Principal Terri North-Byrts.

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