For years, a local women’s organization has provided dictionaries and copies of the U.S. Constitution to all elementary schools in Tuscaloosa County.

The Republican Women of Tuscaloosa County has offered area fifth-graders free copies of the U.S. Constitution and dictionaries for third-graders for 14 years, and while technology is changing, there’s nothing like flipping through a book when you’re looking up a word.

“In the fifth grade the children are introduced to the Constitution,” said organization member Jackie Ray. “We have provided a pocket Constitution for every fifth-grader in Tuscaloosa County, and we also have an instructional text book that we give to the teachers that helps them explain the Constitution to this age group.”

Group members said students need a basic understanding of the Constitution and its importance.

Because of advances in technology, the group is placing just five dictionaries in each third-grade classroom. But just because there are other ways to look up words doesn’t mean students are avoiding the dictionaries.

“We have feedback that says they use them,” Ray said. “And that is really important to us.”


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