Story by WVUA 23’s Samantha Fisher.

On Saturday, Excellentway held the Greatness Inside Women’s Conference at the Bryant Conference Center. Raytonya Hughes was the host of this event and shared a story about her life journey and how she chose the path she followed.

“I just kind of saw the need for women to be empowered,” Hughes said. “Not just spiritually, but financially, mentally, physically, and I wanted to bring them into an area where they can come and jive off each other, and get the information and the tools they need to be the very best person they were designed to be.”

There were two panels. The first panel featured four women who shared their journeys and the obstacles they faced in life. The second panel featured a therapist, a banker, a financial planner and an entrepreneur.

Around 100 women attended today’s event and even a few men came out to listen to Hughes talk about feeling empowered enough to overcome some of life’s challenges.

“This is important to women in the community, because sometimes when things are missing from our lives, we feel like we can’t get those things back and Raytonya’s speaking, or what she’s done for me. It is just an example of how you can go back and get those things anytime,” moderator Ginnifer Carnethon said.

This was Hughes’ first event in Tuscaloosa, and she plans to continue empowering women with future dinners and small group settings in addition to another big event in the fall.

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