Story by WVUA 23’s Samantha Fisher.

On Saturday, LindaKay Lee hosted “Women Leading in 2020” at the Tuscaloosa Gateway. The purpose behind this event was to help inform women of better ways to lead in their families, workplace and community.

Lee is a marriage and family therapist and a life coach. She spoke about what leadership means, explained ways for women to reinvent themselves, and talked about the importance of being creative, innovative and flexible in their lives. She has applied these strategies to her own life and is eager to share her experience and give advice to women.

Lee said she wanted to let the women know that they have what it takes to be leaders in their homes and leaders in their workplace.

“If you know about statistics you can already see that women are on the up and up in different positions, different things, I mean we are really coming up in this day and time,” Lee said.

The women who attended the event were appreciative of Lee’s insight.

“I’ve been a part of this SWAT Ministry, Strong Women Armed Together, so this is just an extension of what she’s been offering women throughout the years. And this is another level that’s helping women to become relative in this day and time,” said Tracy Russell, who attended this event. “So it’s just another extension of what she’s already doing. So whatever she’s doing to encourage the women, empower the women, I just want to make sure I’m a part of it.”

The women who attended the event look forward to other events like it.

“It’s women coming together, of course with her leadership, I believe that we’re going to blossom together, be able to grow together, those things that we are doing are goals that we have set,” said Wennetta Stallworth, another attendee at the event.

This was the third meeting that Lee has organized. She plans to continue holding these meetings on a monthly basis.

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