Woman pleads guilty to stealing $90K from school band, scholarship fund

Trial Settlement

A Fayette County woman pleaded guilty Monday to stealing more than $90,000 from two nonprofit organizations.

Sherrin Leigh Henegar, 47, was acting as treasurer for the Fayette County Band Foundation when she began transferring the foundation’s money and money from the Jerry Bobo Scholarship Fund into her accounts for personal use.

The scholarship fund is named in memory of Fayette County High School’s former, longtime band director and is awarded to high school seniors who plan to study music education.

The thefts were reported to the Fayette County District Attorney’s Office after they were discovered during an internal audit in 2020, and investigators determined Henegar transferred $85,777 from the band foundation and $5,150 from the scholarship fund over more than 90 transactions.

“This was a complicated case,” said Fayette County District Attorney Andy Hamlin. “Mrs. Henegar had gone to great lengths to conceal the thefts. The bank staff, representatives of the band foundation, along with my office’s investigators did an excellent job in finding and documenting each instance.”

Henegar was sentenced to eight years in the Alabama Department of Corrections and three years of supervised probation, but as part of her plea agreement, the eight-year sentence will be suspended. Henegar will spend seven months in the Fayette County Jail and could be ordered to serve her full sentence in state prison if she violates probation.

She was also ordered to repay the $90,976 stolen from the band foundation and the scholarship fund. That amount was paid in full as of this morning, and Henegar turned herself into the Fayette County Jail Wednesday.

“This case was very important to my office and to the generations of people that have poured their heart and soul into making the band foundation a success,” Hamlin said. “I’m glad it was brought to a successful resolution and that the band has been made whole.”


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