A 2016 murder suspect is now facing additional charges, this time for aggravated child abuse.

Dazray Nevels has been in custody since July after she was accused of stabbing her boyfriend, Juan Pasquel, to death with a kitchen knife.

A Tuscaloosa County grand jury has now indicted Nevels on the child abuse charge after investigators determined the 7-month-old child related to the charge was severely malnourished and covered in more than 20 bite marks.

Sgt. Mike Chaisson with the Tuscaloosa Police Department said an average child of that age weighs nearly 20 pounds. This child weighed just 10 at the time the abuse was discovered.

Chaisson said it’s important for anyone who thinks a child is being abused to speak up.

“We encourage anybody to come forward with any time of allegations,” he said. “Especially with a child this age, under the age of 7, when the child can’t defend itself. It can’t be an advocate for itself. So we have to rely heavily on the public.”

Nevels remains in the Tuscaloosa County Jail on a consolidated $80,000 bond for the murder and child abuse charges.

The child in the case is now healthy and doing well.

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