Wine, Women and shoes raises $300,000 for Shelton State scholarships


This year’s Wine, Women and Shoes event at the Bryant Conference Center brought in a lot of money for the Shelton State Foundation. The third annual event raised more than $300,000  for student scholarships and financial resources for Shelton State Community College.

Shelton State Director of Development Shannon Chandler said they are excited to have raised this amount to provide resources for both campuses.

“This is huge for us,” Chandler said. “It’s actually a fundraising record -breaker for us. It’s big knowing that only three years ago, well four years ago, we started this event here in West Alabama and it has just grown and grown, grown. And it’s just further confirmation that women love this event and that people in our community are supporting Shelton State.”

This year the foundation board is looking to fund programs on campus, such as the GED and Adult Education Program.

The next Wine, Women and Shoes event is happening in September 2023.

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