According to a complaint released on Sept. 27, a whistleblower claims President Donald Trump abused his power as America’s leader and the White House tried to cover it up.

The acting director of national intelligence, Joseph Maguire, answered questions about the matter as Trump faces an impeachment inquiry.

Watch the video above for a full report. 

This situation has caused congressional Democrats to launch a formal impeachment inquiry but UA professor Allen Linken pointed out a few common misconceptions about the impeachment process.

“Impeachment is not a criminal proceeding,” he said. “The underlying conduct has to be treason, bribery, high crime or misdemeanor. But I think that the biggest misconception about an impeachment process is that it’s a criminal proceeding.”

Linken said that, while it is a rare occurrence, there have been cases where someone who has been elected to a federal government position has been convicted of a crime and has lost that position.

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