Where should you take shelter when severe weather hits?

When severe weather approaches your home, it’s too late to figure out where to go. So before the next storms encroach on West Alabama, it’s important that you understand the best spot for you in case of a major weather event.

And the Tuscaloosa County Emergency Management Agency can help.

“You definitely don’t want to be in your vehicle or in a mobile home,” EMA Deputy Director Tamara Croom.

Those are the absolute worse places you can be.

“Bad would be in an open area like a gymnasium,” Croom said. “We posted on our page what a tornado did to a high school gymnasium. It was basically an open space when the tornado was done.”

You can improve your chances of surviving and not being injured in severe weather, Croom said, by retreating to:

“A basement or an interior room,” Croom said. “That is as far in the building as possible where you have a lot of walls between you as well as the outdoors.”

When severe weather approaches, there are safe spaces that are supreme.

“Shelters are the best options because their whole purpose is to protect you from tornadoes,” Croom said. “That’s the reason why they were built. They are (Federal Emergency Management Agency) approved. The community shelter, the residential shelter, those are your best ways to be protected.”

In short:

  • Worst places: Mobile homes or cars
  • Bad places: Wide open indoor spaces
  • Decent places: A basement or interior room, like a bathroom or closet
  • Best places: Community storm shelters, FEMA-approved personal storm shelters

If you need a storm shelter in Tuscaloosa County, you can click right here for a map of available public shelters. If you have a personal storm shelter in the same area, you can provide the location to the Tuscaloosa County EMA right here. That way, if there’s an emergency at your home, first responders know where to look for survivors.

If you’re interested in getting a personal storm shelter installed at your home, you can learn more right here.

In the event that you experience storm damage to your home or business, the best way to report the damage is by alerting your local Emergency Management Agency or county sheriff’s office.

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