When flooding happens, don’t be caught unaware


By WVUA 23 News Reporter Gracie Johnson

With tropical storm Ida causing such dangerous flooding across the state of Alabama, it is important to know how to stay safe in these conditions.

Tuscaloosa Fire Rescue also operates within the Alabama Mutual Aid System as a swift water rescue team and is trained to help rescue and prevent major flooding in their areas.

“Tuscaloosa Fire Rescue started looking at our swift water capabilities, we started checking any equipment, things of that nature. We went out Sunday and checked over 50 locations to make sure we didn’t have any stormwater runoff problems,” said Tuscaloosa Fire Chief Randy Smith. “We know that we have issues around the city in several different locations that are within the 10-year plan to be addressed, but it’s going to take time and money to address those.”

Smith said residents should make sure they keep themselves safe in case of major flooding overnight.

Tips include:

  • Ensure you have some type of device that can receive emergency alerts such as TuscAlert app, a weather radio, TV or social media
  • Pay attention to the weather, especially if you live in a low-lying area that commonly floods
  • Have an evacuation plan for you and your family, and a safe meeting space

Smith said if you find yourself in an emergency during flooding, call 911. For all non-emergency situations, contact Tuscaloosa’s 311 service or your local non-emergency service number.

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