Whatley Health Services continues home-bound vaccine mission

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Alabama has the second-lowest vaccination rate in the country, ahead of only Mississippi.

The Maude Whatley Health Center in Tuscaloosa is working at improving the state’s numbers after getting federal funding to visit people who are stuck at home and vaccinate them there.

Whatley Health Services CEO David Gay said the new service has thus far proved successful.

“We always do it for people in wheelchairs who would come by and the nurses will go out to the car and give the vaccine, but there are people who can’t get out of the house, they’re bed-bound,” Gay said.

The center is providing the Moderna and Johnson & Johnson vaccines, and the program is about a month old.

Gay said they want to vaccinate as many people who are bed-bound as possible.

“Those who are bedridden still have people to come by, they have kids, they have grandkids. We want to get the shot to as many people who can get it,” he said.

This service is free for those who are bed-bound.

If you know anyone who cannot leave their home and needs a COVID-19 vaccine, you can call Maude Whatley Health Center at 205-758-6647.

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