When you turn in a voter registration application that means you are all set to vote, right?
According to alabama.gov, once your application has been processed by your local board of registrars you should receive an acknowledgement from them indicating the status of your application which usually comes in the form of a voter identification card.
From there, polling locations are assigned based on the address you are registered under.
If you have changed your address since you registered to vote, but have not updated it, you can vote where you are registered.
You can then update your address.
Voters can also send in an absentee ballot if they are unable to make it to the polls on Election Day.
Even though Election Day has been one of the most anticipated days of the year, that does not mean you are able to take pictures or video while inside your polling place.
WVUA 23’s political analyst Steve Flowers says this election is one of a kind and the reason the turnout is so strong saying, “the presidential race has been very exciting, the trump factor and all the media all the nationwide media”

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