Brookwood High School

By WVUA 23 Reporter Aajene Robinson

West AlabamaWorks! hosted a hiring and outreach event today at Brookwood High School.

This hiring and outreach event brought many community members to Brookwood High. The attendees were provided knowledge they need for good high wage jobs and they met with the employers of SMP Automotive, a supplier for Mercedes-Benz.

West AlabamaWorks! employee Lauren Collier said they need a lot of good people for their very large plant.

“They want people who are motivated and will show up to work on time,” Collier said. “They also want people who can pass a drug test and like to work hard and work well with other people.”

The event was open to the public and offered numerous opportunities to enter Alabama’s competitive automotive industry. Victoria Williams, an attendee at the event, said this event is important to her so she can find a good job.

“Coming out here being able to socialize with the people over the event and then there’s also the census people here and Shelton State,” Williams said. “It’s a really good opportunity for people who are looking to further their education and find good jobs.”

Shelton State Community College and the Alabama Career Center shared training and funding opportunities for those seeking employment, and those trainings included Ready to Work program. Paul Sanders, workforce development specialist at Shelton State, said Ready to Work program consists of communications, both oral and literary.

“We go through job preparation, we go through interviewing techniques, we go through conflict resolution, workplace behavior, and we also give things on financial literacy,” Sanders said.

The trainings are provided at no cost to participants but they are priority-based, according to the economic need and the college’s ability to provide effective programming services.

For more information about upcoming hiring events hosted by West AlabamaWorks!, visit their website at westalabamaworks.com.

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