Quilt Show

<p>Story by WVUA 23’s Maria Blough.</p><p>Quilts of all shapes and sizes were on display this weekend as part of the West Alabama Quilters Guild’s quilt show.</p><p>“It’s carrying on a tradition,” said Julie Townsend, a co-chair of the show. “They started quilts back years ago just to keep warm and now it’s kind of an art form. It’s things you can pass down to your family and just ways of expressing yourself.”</p><p>The Guild works to keep the art form alive by teaching the next generation how to turn fabric and thread into a masterpiece.</p><p>One of the young quilters made his first one with a very special person in mind.</p><p>“I wanted to be in the Junior Quilt thing, and I was going to make it for my baby sister,” said Matthew Lee, a member of the Junior Quilt group.</p><p>Along with those just starting out, the show featured the work of quilting royalty.</p><p>Some of Hallie O’Kelley’s works are part of the permanent collection of the National Quilt Museum in Paducah, Kentucky.</p><p>“It’s always nice to have appreciaters, and it’s hard to find people who like to see what you’ve done so that’s always a good feeling,” O’Kelley said.</p><p>O’Kelley starts all of her projects with a white piece of cloth. She makes her own handmade dyes to create many different colors, and in the process, she creates masterpieces that will last for generations.</p>

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