Reporting by Lacey Beasley

The West Alabama Multicultural Alliance (WAMA) hosted its third “Talk Series” at Central High School today.

This involved Central High School alumni splitting into classrooms to talk about stepping stones they took to launch into their careers. Sessions included engineering, first responders, law, nursing, media, politics, education, entertainment and business.

Every senior received a road map with post-graduation plans. This included college options, military options or straight into the workforce. Central principal Clarence Sutton said his greatest goal is to make sure seniors have many opportunities readily available.

“I want every student to be successful, and you can’t waste moments,” Sutton said. “One thing I’ve learned through my career is to maximize the moment. Let’s take this moment, let’s take advantage of it and do our best.”

One senior said she feels better prepared for college because of the Talk Series.

“I think it makes a really huge difference because you’re not going into college blindly,” said Central High senior Kenadi Steele-Williams. “You get to have professionals who are in the profession come talk to you instead of going to college and not knowing what way you want to go.”

Central High School alumnus Paul Patterson said he is thankful for the opportunity to return to his alma mater and share his career with students.

“You know, the great thing about the career fair is we are transparent with the kids,” Patterson said. “We get to tell them mistakes we made that we were able to recover from, things we might have done that didn’t work, and it gives them an opportunity to learn from history.”

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