Weekend bomb threat rattles Moundville

The people of Moundville were rattled with worry on Sunday, June 5 when their city hall and post office received a bomb threat.

“I think it’s terrible,” Brian Weaver said

Moundville residents like Weaver were frightened, then relieved after nothing suspicious was found at either city entity. He said he never thought something like that would happen in their small town.

“There is so much going on in different places all over the United States,” Weaver said.

“To come to a little small town like Moundville, it is just kind of upsetting and all. We are so closely knit here in this town!”

Moundville Police Chief Toby Banks said his department first became aware of the threat Sunday when a sheriff’s office in Wisconsin reached out over a concerning email received by the town of Moundville, Wisconsin intended for the city of Moundville, Alabama.

According to the Moundville Times, the profanity-laced email mentioned a bomb being placed in Moundville’s City Hall and Post Office.

It also referenced the state of Alabama’s proposed Highway 69 project, with the writer complaining eminent domain affects “hard working Americans.”

Tuscaloosa attorney Sanford Gunter explained eminent domain is “the right of a government entity to acquire real property for a public purpose for fair value or compensation.”

Weaver’s family and friends are experiencing this first-hand with a $758 million-dollar west Alabama corridor project that will stretch through parts of Moundville and Hale County.

“I understand all of it about their frustrations,” Weaver said. “They have lived here all their lives and then all of the sudden they are going to have to move somewhere else you know it is terrible.”

But that does not, he said, give anyone license to threaten public safety.

The Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives has taken over the investigation.

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