Water’s back to safe in Reform after boil advisory

Reform has ended its latest boil water advisory after much of the Greene County community was left without water for days.

“When you’ve been without, you won’t take it for granted anymore,” said Reform resident Diane Massey on Tuesday.

WVUA 23 caught up with Massey while she was shopping at a local grocery store Tuesday afternoon. Massey said she’s lived in Reform for a decade and these problems aren’t anything new. If it’s not the water pipes it’s the water pressure. If it’s not the water pressure it’s the water supply.

But on Tuesday she was happy her taps are flowing and the water doesn’t require boiling before use.

“I will say I have been traumatized by it,” Massey said. “But I will keep 5-gallon buckets in my yard so I can catch rainwater to flush the toilets. I keep jugs of water under a bench in my bathroom so I am not caught unaware.”

Reform Senior Project Engineer Jonathan Bonner said there’s a reason there are so many issues.

“I think Reform’s water system was started in the early 1920s and has not been substantially updated over the years,” Bonner said.

But better days are ahead for the city, as there are millions of dollars in grants that will be spent on new pipes, a water storage tank and a new water treatment plant.

Here’s what’s in the pipeline:

  • First up, Bonner said, is drilling a new well so the city has a more reliable water source
  • Second is increasing storage capacity so there’s more water on-hand in case of emergencies. To make that happen a new 500,000-gallon water storage tank will be put in
  • Last but not least is catching up on ongoing maintenance like water distribution upgrades, pipe replacements and leak fixes

There’s not yet word on when that $8 million project will begin, or a timeline for its completion.

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