Water, sewer, garbage rates going up in Tuscaloosa

TUSCALOOSA – Tuscaloosa City Council approved rate increases for water, sewer and solid waste collection service charges for the 2023 fiscal year beginning Oct. 1. The vote Tuesday was unanimous.

District 2 City Council Member Raevan Howard said these increases aren’t going to be popular, but they’re happening because of inflation.

“I’ve had some calls from residents but overall the majority of people that I spoke to after explaining to them that these rates are going up just because of natural cause of inflation, they seem to understand,” Howard said. “I have been able to give a lot of information and resources to individuals in my community who feel like they may need some type of financial assistance.”

District 1 Council Member Matthew Wilson said anyone who has concerns about their water and sewer bill can contact the local water department at 205-248-5500.

Increased rates will go into effect Oct. 1.

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