Water damage closes schools in Carbon Hill

Carbon Hill Elementary, Junior High and High school will be closed until Monday, Jan. 9. All three schools sustained severe damage and flooding due to frozen pipes that broke during our recent cold weather. The schools’ indoor sprinkler system also froze and burst.

Dr. Jonathan Morrison, principal of Carbon Hill Junior High and Elementary schools said he was notified that the schools’ sprinkler system burst on Christmas Eve.

“Our fire suppressant system froze when we had 60 hours of below zero temperatures in the school. It broke right outside my office.  It flooded our school probably four to five inches deep throughout our whole elementary hall. It was about 20 different classrooms that were destroyed because of it, ” said Morrison.

Jessica KirklaCarbon Hill Water Damagend, teaches first grade at Carbon Hill Elementary School. She said there was a lot of water in her room.

“Our classroom rugs were all soaked and wet. Luckily, not all of my electronics were on the ground. I did lose some electronics that we use daily in our instruction such as a document camera. And we did have some damage to our literacy supplies like centers that we use during our reading instruction, ” said Kirkland.

Carbon Hill High School Principal Dr. Saige Beaty, said they had four classrooms heavily damaged and every office in the front building was under at least two inches of water.

Crews will spend the next few days cleaning up and repairing the damage before the school can be reopen on Monday. Dr. Morrison said he and his staff have been at work trying to get the water and everything else cleaned up so that students and staff can come back to a safe environment.

Carbon Hill schools are scheduled to have the students return to campus Monday, Jan. 9.



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