Want an SEC Championship ticket? You’ll be shelling out

Alabama Football

By WVUA Digital Reporter Anneliese Taggart

If you’re thinking about heading to the SEC Championship game in Atlanta on Saturday and don’t already have a ticket, you could be in for an eye-popping surprise.

The No. 1 Georgia Bulldogs and No. 4 Alabama Crimson Tide are going head to head for the SEC Championship, and according to Candice Cardin of T-Town Tickets, seats are available, but they aren’t cheap.

“It’s a pretty big ticket,” Cardin said. “We got a lot of pull from the Georgia side wanting to go to this game, so ticket prices are still pretty high. Above $350 to get into the game. I see them probably coming down as we get closer, but there’s still a big interest from everyone wanting to go this weekend.”

If you are looking at picking up some tickets, make sure you’re doing it the right way, Cardin said.

“Everything’s either on the phone or electronic,” she said. “You really don’t have to meet anybody anymore because they can just send them to you over the phone. But I tell people to always double-check where you’re getting your tickets and make sure you know who you’re buying from. Don’t send anybody any money without any proof that you’re gonna get a ticket in return.”

Kickoff on Saturday is at 3 p.m. If tickets aren’t in the cards, you can watch the game on CBS.

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