Want a weather-resistant home? Consider building a Dome

By WVUA 23 News Reporter A’Leeyah Ponder

If you regularly drive in the Alberta area, you’ve probably seen several not-quite house-looking structures laid out in a neighborhood format. But these domes are indeed houses, and the 10-sided structures have some special features when it comes to surviving storms like the one that destroyed the neighborhood on April 27, 2011.

The neighborhood, located near the intersection of University Boulevard and 17th Street, is being built by New Age Dome Construction. Owner and operator John Johnson said he’s been building Dome homes since he was 15, and he’s witnessed how well they stand up to severe weather events like hurricanes and tornadoes.

“Domes are a weather-beater,” he said.

Their looks aren’t just for show, said Head Carpenter Jeff Scruggs. Their shape and framing were picked with harsh winds in mind.

“If you have harsh wind on one side, you have the entire rest of the house holding it together,” Scruggs said. “So it’s pretty hard for wind to get a grip on this house.”

Dome homes are based on a decagon, which is a 10-sided polygon. That design ensures high winds don’t exert too much pressure along any one side. Not to mention, these homes can stand up to winds as strong as 250 mph.

“People are building safe rooms in their houses, and when a tornado hits their regular house, the rest of the house is blown away,” Johnson said. “In a dome, you’ve got your life and your stuff,” said Johnson.

These homes are spacious for their size, too, and most in the neighborhood clock in around 2,000 square feet, Johnson said. Prices will be about 25% cheaper than a traditional home of the same size.

For more information, visit New Age Dome Construction right here.


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