Wanna save lives for a living? NorthStar needs more paramedics

By WVUA 23 News Reporter Elise Anzaldua

NorthStar Emergency Medical Services has spent much of the pandemic facing paramedic shortages, but now the company is hoping it’s found a solution.

The NorthStar EMS Training Academy has been around since 2016, recruiting anyone interested in joining the medical field. This program actively recruits college students who may have the skills and interest in becoming an EMT with NorthStar while also working toward a career in the medical field.

NorthStar Director of Operations Edgar Calloway said the program benefits the company as well as workers who plan on putting in a few years before moving into a different facet of the health care system.

“We recruit from young healthcare-bound professionals, so to speak, like pre-med, pre-nursing, people going to (physicians’ assistant) school and that kind of thing,” Calloway said. “It gives them the opportunity to get involved in health care in a short period of time and do it while they’re in school so they can determine if this something they really want to be involved in before they spend two, three years in nursing school and find out that’s not what they want to do.”

Classes are open to anyone with an interest in the medical field, he said. You can learn more about the classes, or sign up right here. The Emergency Medical Responder class, designed for those interested in serving their local volunteer fire department, is a six-week, two days a week course costing $100. Classes begin June 27, and registration ends June 9.

“Us being able to meet the requirements during the pandemic were because we had created what, at the time, was really not a necessity,” he said. “We didn’t have to have a class, but we need it now and we actually have it.”

Calloway said this program helped carry them through the pandemic, and added more than 100 EMT workers to the roster.

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