Wanna drive around in a giant wiener? Applications open for Oscar Mayer Hotdoggers

By WVUA 23 News Reporter A’Leeyah Ponder

No, you weren’t seeing things this week. A giant hot dog was indeed driving around Tuscaloosa.

Oscar Mayer’s famous Wienermobile was scoot-scooting around town and especially around the University of Alabama campus, in search of the next Hotdoggers class.

These passionate hot-dog fans take the Wienermobile wheel and drive all around the country spreading joy.

Brandon Mazzaferro is a part of the 2021-22 class of hotdoggers. He is passionate about his role as a hotdogger and says that anyone interested in becoming a hotdogger should attend an interest meeting for more information.

“The main responsibility of the Wienermobile is to just make people smile,” said Hotdogger Brandon Mazzaferro. “We go all over the country, we hit up a new state every week, and usually what we’re doing is posted up at different events whether it is a parade, festival, a grocery store. But this week we are on the University of Alabama campus trying to vet our first class of Hotdoggers.”

You can get more information about the role, see if you’re eligible and apply right here.

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