Walker Recycling

A little bit of rain couldn’t stop a group of fifth-graders from trying to save the world.

Students at Walker Elementary wanted to get their community recycling. They tried to start a recycling program last year, but it didn’t come together.

“We went about as far as we could with the time and resources we had, but we didn’t have enough,” Fifth-grader Aurora Sheppard said. “We were practically bursting with excitement when we discovered that we had been entered into this, and we got a chance to get back up on our feet and try again.”

This year they got the chance to compete in a statewide recycling challenge.

The school that collects the most recyclable materials by weight wins the competition.

The results won’t be announced until sometime next week, but students already have plans to keep this recycling momentum moving.

“With the younger grades, I hope that they still try to encourage the 4th graders moving up to 5th graders that they’ll try to take over and really help the younger kids learn to save our environment,” said Miley Christ, a fifth-grade student. “If we don’t do this, our Earth will basically die because of liter.”

The leaders of the recycling initiative will all move to middle school next year, and they hope to start a similar program at their new school.

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