Walker County Sheriff

When Nick Smith was elected as Walker County’s new sheriff six months ago, the department was suffering from several challenging issues.

The drug problem was one of the worst in the state, twelve inmates escaped from the county jail and Sheriff Jim Underwood was suing the county commission over feeding inmates. Smith ran for sheriff on the platform that he could fix some of those issues.

“A lot of the concerns overall was the drug problem that we face here in Walker County was one of the main issues that keep coming up,” Smith said. “One of the other ones that kept coming up was the safety of our children, you know school security and things of that nature.”

Once Smith won the election, he went to work on fixing his budget.

“The budget, which we’ve been working on with the county commission to kind of stabilize, our budget here at the sheriff’s department having that working relationship with the county commission,” Smith said.

Smith has also worked to curtail the drug problem by working with other county’s law departments.

“Criminals don’t have jurisdiction lines and neither should law enforcement,” Smith said. “We should all work together to solve one common goal and that’s to make our county as safe as possible.”

Although his tenure has gone well so far, Smith knows that there have been a few hiccups.

“Probably the biggest challenge I’ve face here is the culture, the culture of changing the mindset of we’ve always done it this way kind of attitude and I think we’re getting there,” Smith said. “A lot of our employees are buying into the vision.”

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