Walker County residents relieved missing baby found alive

A happy ending for a missing child investigation in Walker County. Nine-month-old Harlow Freeman was reported kidnapped Monday night. And by 8:30 the next morning, she was found safe and alive. Rescue crews located her inside her father’s Lexus SUV in kudzu in a deep ravine just 100 yards from where she was reported missing.

“It was a huge relief she was transported to the hospital because she had dehydrated and had probably been in that vehicle in the ravine about 10-12 hours, maybe longer,” said Parrish Police Chief Danny Woodard.

Members of he Walker County community rallied together and reflected on a terrible situation right in their back yard.

“It’s not like a good or a bad feeling, cause the same situation the baby was still put in danger. But I’m just glad it was found OK and safe. It’s a lot to understand and process at the moment, but thankfully she was alright,” said Parrish resident James Gearheart.

Walker County resident Amanda Williams said her heart breaks for the mother of baby Harlow. “I know that she is a good mother and she is a good person and she tries hard.  She does everything she can possibly do for those children, and she is always there for them. My heart went out to her when I found out about the baby, that it was hers. And being a mother myself, I couldn’t believe what she could be going through. And I’m just glad the baby was found and it’s safe,” said Williams.



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