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The Easter weekend storms rattled Alabama all the way from Florence to Mobile Bay, but the hardest hit in our area was our neighbors to the north in Walker County, especially in the Carbon Hill area.

The National Weather Service had issued an EF-1 rating for the storm. While there were some downed trees and scattered damage, no serious injuries have been reported from Carbon Hill.

The Lawrence family talked about how they got through the weekend and about a sign they believe was sent to them during the storms.

“We just prayed – that’s all we could do,” Carbon Hill resident Tiffany Lawrence said. “We just prayed over our kids that, you know, the Lord would keep up safe and He did because if you look around, it’s just crazy at all the damage, then our house was left untouched. I was actually sweeping up some stuff on the floor and I look out my window and the first thing I saw was the cross in the tree and it had wedged down in the tree.”

The weekend storms in our area had projected wind speeds as high as 100 miles per hour.

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