Walker County

Walker County had more than a half-dozen local races on the Republican primary ballot Tuesday, and one of those is heading for a runoff in May.

The Walker County Commission Chairman primary was won by Steve Miller with 53% of the vote and 7,938 ballots cast. His competitor, Jerry O. Bishop, picked up 47% of the vote with 7,066 ballots.

The Walker County Board of Education Chairman primary went to Brad Ingle with 58% of the vote and 8,251 ballots, which Teia Harris won 42% of the vote and 6,066 ballots.

District Court Judge Place 1 went to Henry Allred with 60% of the vote and 8,792 ballots, and Samuel Bentley picked up 40% of the vote with 5,866 ballots.

The Walker County Commission District 3 spot is heading for a runoff between James Borden, who won 37% of the vote and 1,315 ballots, and D. Michael Pate, who won 30% of the vote at 1,065 ballots. Bobby J. Nunnelley picked up 14% of the vote and 511 ballots, and Jason Richardson picked up 19% with 688 votes.

Walker County Commission District 4’s primary was a decisive victory for Steven Aderholt with 59% of the vote and 2,232 ballots, while Martha Parnell Salomaa scored 41% of the vote with 1,547 ballots.

Walker County Constable Beat 9 was won by Howard Pooner Anderson with 57% of the vote and 224 ballots, besting Charles Sandford with 43% and 172 votes.

Walker County Constable Beat 12 was won by Alex Daniel with 56% of the vote and 377 ballots, besting James Borden with 44% of the vote and 296 ballots.

The winners of these elections — or the runoff election May 31 — will be on the ballots again in the Nov. 3 general election. Election results are not yet certified.

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