Sewing Masks

Jeanette Waterman is a costume designer for Theatre Tuscaloosa. But during this COVID-19 crisis, her sewing skills are on center stage at DCH.

“I do it assembly line style, because that’s the way I sew at work,” Waterman said.

Waterman is one of 250 volunteers working every day making masks for DCH regional medical center.

“If you went start to finish, the surgical mask takes 7 to 10 minutes,” Waterman said.

The fabric used to make masks is normally used to wrap surgical instrument trays. One advantage to using this fabric is that it can be re-used multiple times.

“Each mask can be worn, sanitized, and returned to the wearer 20 times,” DCH foundation’s Molly Ingram said. “If we are able, with the power of the work of this community, to produce 15,000 masks, that becomes 300,000 uses.”

In addition to the community volunteers, the Mercedes-Benz plant in vance is producing a hundred masks a day.

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