Victim in Buffalo shooting ‘backbone’ of West Alabama family


A 77-year-old woman among the 10 shot to death in a Buffalo, New York, grocery store over the weekend was the matriarch of a West Alabama family now in mourning.

Pearly Young, originally from Fayette, was a woman of God, her family said. On Saturday, she was among the victims killed by an 18-year-old white man whom investigators said had written a 100-plus page long manifesto detailing his white supremacist beliefs and intentions.

“It’s just a senseless tragedy and one that we can’t make any sense of,” said Young’s niece Jacqueline Wright.

Wright said her Aunt Pearly moved to New York City when she was in her 20s. There, she got married and she and her husband raised their family there.

Even though she lived far away, Wright said Pearly was the true backbone of the family.

“My cousin, her son told me how he verified that it was her,” Wright said. “That was the only way I would believe it.”

Wright said her social media has been flooded with photos and comments honoring her aunt’s beloved memory.

“I feel like I will wake up and tell Mom about this crazy dream I had,” Wright said.

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