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Brothers Tamarcus and Kenneth Ikner have bonded out of the Tuscaloosa County Jail.
They were arrested after 28-year-old Earl Peebles was shot last month in front of Rounders Bar on the University of Alabama Strip.

This is the first time Peebles has identified himself to the public.

After a week in the hospital and month long recovery, he is doing his best to live a normal life.
Just after midnight on October 15, 2017 police say Tamarcus Ikner specifically targeted Peebles. Cell phone video shows Tamarcus grabbing a gun from his brother Kenneth Ikner and chasing Peebles through a crowd , eventually shooting him in the lower back near Rounders Bar on the University of Alabama Strip.

To protect his safety, Earl Peebles chose not to go on camera with WVUA 23, but his cousin Coretha Ruffins spoke for him.

When asked if she thought Tamarcus and Kenneth Ikner might try to hurt Earl now that they’re out of jail, she replied with, “Once someone tries to shoot you in the back, you can’t really say what they’ll do.”

Earl Peebles told WVUA 23 reporter Chelsea Barton something similar.
“I have to protect myself,” he said. “I don’t know where their minds are or what they could be planning on doing.”

Tamarcus Ikner was charged with attempted murder – his bail was set at $60,000.
Kenneth Ikner was charged with assault I and tacked on another charge for possessing a gun.
His bail was set at $75,000.

According to the bail schedule handed down by the Alabama Supreme Court, the Ikners’ bails were set at the maximum amounts. But after seeing drug charges in Alabama amount to bails higher than  $1,000,000, Ruffins and Peebles are outraged.

“It seems like just a slap in the wrist,” Ruffins said. “They just tried to kill someone. I don’t think they should be out here,” she added.

Earl Peebles says he is doing fine, but he and his family will definitely be more aware now that Tamarcus and Kenneth Ikner are free men.



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