By WVUA 23 Reporter Libbi Farrow

It’s the start of 2020 and like many people and organizations the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 6022 and its auxiliary are making a big change.

The VFW Post 6022 will have a nonsmoking in-house policy starting March 1.

House Committee Chair Walter Turner said he hopes this new policy will recruit more members and allow the post to become more family oriented.

“A young combat veteran is not going to want to bring his wife and kids in here if the place is full of cigarette smoke,” Turner said. “I wouldn’t. We’re just saying we’re going nonsmoking and you know see what happens.”

House Committee Member Jim Reemer said their goal is to have everyone feel welcome.

“The main thing is we want to give them a place to go initially and then potentially to further develop those areas and create nicer spaces for the post to use,” Reemer said.

There will be two designated smoking areas outside the building. The first area for smokers will be on the club side of the facility with a 12 foot by 24 foot deck.

The second area is right off of the ballroom with a 12  foot by 24 foot concrete slab with a covered roof. Both areas are planned to be climate controlled.

The post is seeking help from anyone who can facilitate, design or build the new designated smoking areas.

“It’s to create a space for say someone like myself who smoked for 40 years to be able to go outside and maybe meet with other people who smoke,” Reemer said. “It’s not an isolation area.”

The house committee is finding a balance to accommodate to smoking and non smoking members, but overall looks forward to having more members join.

The VFW Post 6022 hopes to continue being the top post in the state of Alabama. The new policy goes into effect March 1.

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