Vandalism isn’t fun and games, Northport mayor warns students

By WVUA 23 News Reporter Jeremiah Hatcher

NORTHPORT – Homecoming season is right around the corner, and Northport Mayor Bobby Herndon has a message for students stocking up on TP and eggs: Don’t.

Vandalism costs the city and its residents money, whether it’s families who had their house egged or TP’d, mailbox repairs or waste management employees who have to clean up after trash cans are knocked around.

Herndon said vandalism cases were at an all-time high last year, and he’s calling on students to end the ridiculousness because causing damage isn’t just a prank, bro.

“Property damage is no fun for anybody,” Herndon said. “In particular, those who damage property will be penalized or even arrested and sent to jail.”

Northport Police Assistant Chief Keith Carpenter said he’s backing Herndon’s pleas with the help of his officers.

“We take it very seriously,” he said. “We want people to be aware of it and not let things go too far until they come to a point where criminal charges could be filed.”

Homecoming dates for Tuscaloosa County schools are:

  • Brookwood High School: Oct. 21
  • Hillcrest High School: Sept. 30
  • Holt High School: Sept. 23
  • Northside High School: Oct. 7
  • Sipsey Valley High School: Sept. 30
  • Tuscaloosa County High School: Sept. 16.
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