Update: Trash pile gone from Queen City Park area

Trash Pile Is Gone

A resident who complained about a trash heap piling up near Queen City Park earlier this week is resting easy after the garbage got picked up late Tuesday.

Property owner Kelly Fitts said the debris got out of control after a remodeling project’s scope increased unexpectedly, but she paid for debris removal and now the problem is no more.

Resident Tommy Bozeman, who reported the trash to the city, said he’s glad it’s gone.

“We’re excited as a neighborhood here in Pinehurst that Ms. Fitts the homeowner and also general contractor of her remodeling project did take care of the dumping that had been going on, so it was great to see that removed.”

But while Bozeman is pleased with his neighbor, he’s not so happy about the response he got from the city of Tuscaloosa when he made his complaint. Bozeman said he wanted the city to enforce an ordinance he said requires construction sites to have trash receptacles on-hand.

“The disappointing thing is that the city still has not made or required any trash receptacles to go in place at this site,” Bozeman said. “The city also had an opportunity to issue two violations from their ordinances, and I went and spoke with the city (Tuesday) afternoon. No one seemed interested in enforcing those, and so it’s been a very disappointing process with the city.”

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